Paging Passenger Hamlet

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of bells and roses

Sunday morning in Pimlico So quiet that from across the street I can hear a couple making love Perhaps in the rumpled  aftermath they listen

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Time and Tide

Sun and moon together in the Twice-blessed dawn Stir the wind to shiver among singing pines The ocean changes its rhythm sending waves in gangs Grinding rock

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Girl in the black dress

– A photograph  in search of an image a moment  awaiting its time footprints on  a soft sand beach beneath the sweep  of cloudy skies;

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In no particular order

-The first day of springwith a buttery sunAnd summer a poem away-And a crucible moonhangs with the dawnas round as grandma’s tray-And buds on the treeshide their

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Your hand in mine

If I could turn back the clock I would go back to yesterday  And take a photograph of a man 77 and his granddaughter not

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Welcome to River Boy

Welcome to my website. River Boy, my second novel, is the story of what the reaction might be today to the Second Coming of Christ.

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