the NOVEl

Kirk de Villiers fervently hopes he is not the New Messiah. He just wants to lead an ordinary life. But when rumors begin to circulate about a boy who can walk on water, he and his mother go into hiding.

 Four years later, Kirk is caught on CCTV cameras walking across floodwaters to save his mother’s life.  And when the video goes viral, their world spins out of control.

Forced out of hiding when he learns his girlfriend needs a heart transplant, he vows he will raise the money by walking 100 kilometers to the mouth of one of Canada’s great rivers, watched live around the world.

But now he is putting his own life is in danger. As he begins his epic journey, some people want to worship him, others to kill him. Powerful interests line up to exploit him. Through the support of his loving mother – and with the help of some surprising new friends – Kirk discovers the truth about love, friendship, and how to cope with being different, finally slaying his own demons.