Time and Tide

Sun and moon together in the Twice-blessed dawn

Stir the wind to shiver among singing pines

The ocean changes its rhythm sending waves in gangs

Grinding rock to sand in the blink of a millennium

Time spins on its axis 

The patient raven awaits the dinosaurs return 


Raven spins a story as old  as cosmic dust

of chaos spawning order

The end before the beginning 

a spider that swallows its web

A seed in a nut in a cone  grows trees that give us light

The singing pine shelters the mountains

And raven blackens the night


The strangled ocean drowns all  whales 

 crabs without claws hunt fish without scales

And sand heavy skulls with bottle cap eyes 

Scream plastic truths and laminated lies

On the yet-dead shore waves flop and die

And Raven casts its shadow on the stillborn sky

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