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Welcome to my website. River Boy, my second novel, is the story of what the reaction might be today to the Second Coming of Christ.

It is told from the perspective of a boy being raised by single mother in a small town in Canada, who is haunted by the prospect that he may be the Son of God.

As an author, the question I am most often asked is: What inspired you to write this?

I’m not sure, exactly, but what might have planted the idea in my mind was a billboard erected years ago outside Liverpool Cathedral, in England.

The billboard asked in large letters: What would you do if Christ came to Liverpool?  Underneath, a Liverpool Football Club fan wrote ‘I’d move St. John to inside right.’

The inference was that the club’s star player Ian St. John (the Lionel Messi of his day) would have to make way so Jesus , in a Liverpool team shirt,  could play center forward.

Presumably the Bishop was not amused by the response, but at least it was an honest answer.  And it got me thinking, what would I do? What would you do if Christ came to your community?

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